We’ve Got Your Back – Security at TDOV

These are scary, unstable times. We all know it. A lot of us are reconsidering what’s smart and what’s safe. An out event like the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility… it’s pretty reasonable to wonder if we’ve taken any steps for security.

I hate to think like that, and yet…

We have. The Santa Clara County Leather Association has proudly and generously stepped up to work as security at TDOV. The club has provided this service many times in the past, to organizations such as the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy. I’m a member of the leather community, and I’m very glad to have my friends joining us. So look for those tell tale signs such as leather vests (they’ve been at TDOV all along!). Say hi. These good folks are keeping an eye on the door for us, ready to call for help in the unlikely event we need it.

Say thanks if you get a chance.

To help you identify Security and general staff, we’ll be wearing slightly obnoxious, easy to spot ribbons. If you have a question or need assistance, please speak to one of us.

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