The transgender pride flag will wave over the county once again!

Last week the South Bay TDOV team learned that Santa Clara County is once again recognizing/declaring March 31 as the International Transgender Day of Visibility! (As an aside, in recent years, South Bay TDOV has received a commendation for our local event.) Last year, the transgender pride flag was raised over a county building — the very first time this happened in the US! In the late breaking news department, I’ve just learned it’s happening again this year!

Join us in raising the flag!

I invite all local trans folk (who can get the morning off!), and the greater community, to attend this year’s flag raising. It will happen on Tuesday 3/28 at 9 am,  directly before the Board of Supervisor’s meeting. Meet up outside the County building with all of the flags, on Hedding Street in San Jose. There will be a small ceremony beforehand. I’ll say a few words, as will Maribel Martinez, Director of the County Office of LGBTQ Affairs, among others. With any luck, the rain will clear by then and we’ll get to enjoy the flag in proud in the breeze!

In pride and love,

Lance Moore

SB TDOV coordinator


Last Year’s Coverage

Watch! Local news video coverage of the 2016 flag raising: 2016 Flag Raising video

Read! Link to the Bay Area Reporter’s article on the 2016 flag raising:

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