Party with community!

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Hosts Kevin Roche and others deliver an evening of humor and song and burlesque! And oh yes, an international line up of kings and queens, from the beloved and well-established to baby performers!

When & where: 8-10PM at

Party on!

Performances by:
  • Kevin Roche
  • Donny Mirassou
  • Dahlia Kash
  • Redd FaFilth
  • Brock Harder
  • Polly Amber Ross
  • Peter Panic
  • Hennessy Williams
  • Lea Salonganisa
  • Rhode Rage
  • KaiKia Bee Micheals
  • Bobbee Trans
  • Mooremon
  • Amanis Whorissette
  • Lady Phoenix
  • WooWoo Monroe
  • Erika Klash From
  • Dragula

Renegades Bar IRL:
501 Taylor St.
San Jose, CA 95110