Here is the working workshop schedule for the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility; April 7 2018 at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Center. It is subject to change without notice, because… things change. Your participation is wanted: ask questions, share your experiences as appropriate. We are in this together.

Workshops are scheduled for 60 minutes with a 15 minute slack period between… sometimes things run a bit over, or you want to grab a snack before heading to the next discussion. You can do it!

See the Guests page for more info on presenters.

Time Room Track Workshop Presenter
1:00p A Trans Lives  Intersex & Nonbinary Round Table

A community round table on intersex experiences.

BJ Fadem Jean Batt, Azaelea Hollinger
1:00p B Trans Lives Makeup Tips for FTMs and MTFs

Learn tips on ways to present yourself.

Melissa Mallory
1:00p C Trans Lives/ Self Help Intersectionality

A discussion on how those of us who live with multiple oppressions, can maintain our self respect and power, as we work for equity in our communities and work places.

 Fresh! White
1:00p D Self-help

Supporting Transgender Mental Health

A workshop highlighting mental health disparities facing the Trans community; the conversation will focus on disparities, as well as methods to support individuals experiencing mental health crises. This is an open discussion informed by research, and represents an abbreviated version of several trainings offered by the LGBTQ Wellness Program.

Anthony Montalvo
LGBTQ Wellness Program Coordinator
2:15p A Legal SB179; a personal & legal journey Dee Shull
2:15p B Trans Lives Gender-affirming Clothing and Fit

Leigh Ann shares experiences and tips for shopping for gender-affirming clothing, with a focus on knowing your own measurements to help when shopping online, for off the rack and custom clothing. Attendees have the option to be measured and/or take home a measuring tape.

Leigh Ann Hildebrandt
2:15p C Legal Changes in the Law w/Name & Gender Changes

The legal landscape is changing. Get the latest information. Also, name & gender change forms and help available.

BJ Fadem, Esq.
2:15p D Youth Trans Youth

Hear from the younger members of our community.

Aejaie Sellers, Community
3:30p A Trans Lives/Legal  Nonbinary and Intersex Advances

A presentation on current and upcoming advances in nonbinary and intersex legal rights across the country.

Toby Adams Esq. And members of IGRP
3:30p B Art/self-help Facing Me Facing You: A Trans Introspective

This is an enrichment workshop designed to empower paired participants to engage with and create individualized paintings from their shared discussion and connection.

Erika Cisneros, Jesslynn Rose
3:30p C Trans Lives Friends and Lovers

An intimate discussion of real life.

3:30p D  Trans Lives  Allyship

Talk about how friends, coworkers, family and other allies can support their trans associates.

4:45p A  Trans Lives/self-help Working through Internalized Transphobia

We learn transphobia from the culture ask around us early. Bring awareness and learn new habits to create change.Fresh White!

 Sarah Clark
4:45p B  Trans Lives  Lower Surgery Experiences

Men and women with trans history share their experiences going through lower surgeries.

4:45p C   Medical  Gender Affirming Services at Kaiser

What does Kaiser have to offer for me? An overview of gender affirming services available through The Multi-Specialty Transitions Department (MST) at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland

 Kellyn A. Lakhardt, LMFT