Here is the working workshop schedule for the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility; March 30, 2019 at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. It is subject to change without notice, because… things change. Your participation is wanted: ask questions, share your experiences as appropriate. We are in this together.

Workshops are scheduled for 50 minutes with a 10 minute slack period between… sometimes things run a bit over, or you want to grab a snack before heading to the next discussion. You can do it!

See the Guests page for more info on presenters.

Time Room Track Workshop Presenter
1:00p 1 Trans Lives

Lower Surgery Experiences

Men and women with trans history share their experiences going through lower surgeries.

BJ Fadem Thalia
1:00p 2 Trans Lives

 Be a Great Ally!

Let’s talk about how friends, coworkers, family and other allies can support their trans associates.

Chad, Nicole Ford, Sera Fernando
1:00p 3 Trans Lives/ Medical  Trans narratives & gender Journeys; + Gender Affirming Services at Kaiser

Trans experiences (includes a film trailer highlighting trans POC), plus: What does Kaiser have to offer for me? An overview of gender affirming services available through The Multi-Specialty Transitions Department (MST) at Kaiser Permanente . Includes pediatric information.

 Lida Vala, Carlos H. Morales
2:00p 1 Trans Lives

Empowerment in Storytelling

Telling our own stories as members of the trans community is an act of resistance and can be a source of true empowerment. We will explore personal storytelling in ways that lift up connection, compassion, and advocacy. We share with the belief that human connection is one of the most powerful ways to create understanding.

Hosted by the LGBTQ Speakers Bureau of the LGBTQ Youth Space & LGBTQ Wellness.
2:00p 2 Legal

 Legal Advances

A presentation on current and upcoming advances in trans, nonbinary and intersex legal rights across the country. Also, name & gender change forms and help available.

BJ Fadem, Toby Adams
2:00p 3 Trans Lives

Friends and Lovers

An intimate discussion of real life.

Joanne Sterpin, Kathy, Miki 
3:00p Rotunda Everything!

 Gather Together!

City & County Officials: Councilmember Dev Davis, Supervisor Ellensberg

Resources “Speed Dating”: Hear what each resource table has to offer the gender expansive community.

Music: Trans troubadour Nick Lawrence shares a couple of his fun tunes!  

3:00p 2 Trans Lives/ Spirituality

Transgender Journeys: A walk towards wholeness of the mind, body, and soul

Gender dysphoria is defined as “discomfort or distress that is caused by a discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and that person’s sex assigned at birth.” In essence, it is a conflict between the mind and body. Yet in our journeys towards alignment of those parts we can encounter and find strength in a spiritually transcendent identity of Being; our soul. This workshop will illuminate how that part can be manifested and while also opening greater access to a divine source. 

Alyss Swanson,Kelsey Pacha
3:00p 3 Trans Lives

A Humorous Look at Living with Mental Barriers & Substance Abuse Disorder

An off-the-cuff  presentation of the lived experience of a person with mental barriers and substance abuse disorder in recovery.  

 Maxwell Ali-Kinney
4:00p 1 Trans Lives/self-help

Healing Internalized Transphobia

We learn transphobia from the culture around us early. Shift those unconscious habits!

 Sarah Clark
4:00p 2 Trans Lives

Gender-affirming Clothing and Fit

Leigh Ann shares experiences and tips for shopping for gender-affirming clothing, with a focus on knowing your own measurements to help when shopping online, for off the rack and custom clothing. Attendees have the option to be measured and/or take home a measuring tape.

 Leigh Ann Hildebrand
4:00p 3  Trans Lives

 Intersex & Nonbinary Round Table

A community round table on intersex and nonbinary experiences.

 Jean Batt, BJ Fadem, Jax, Sasha, Dee Shull, Toby Adams