Here is the working workshop schedule for the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility; April 1 at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Center. It is subject to change without notice, because… things change. Your participation is wanted: ask questions, share your experiences as appropriate. We are in this together.

Workshops are scheduled for 60 minutes with a 15 minute slack period between… sometimes things run a bit over, or you want to grab a snack before heading to the next discussion. You can do it!

Time Room Track Workshop Presenter
1:15p A Community Successful Trans Women Aejaie Franciscus, community
1:15p B Medical Gender Affirming Services at Kaiser

What does Kaiser have to offer for me? An overview of gender affirming services available through The Multi-Specialty Transitions Department (MST) at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland.

Kellyn A. Lakhardt, LMFT
1:15p C Youth Parenting Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Youth

Community members discuss bringing up their trans kids.

1:15p D Community Mindfulness & The Power of Compassion

Mindfulness, connection, and compassion in these times.

Fresh! White
1:15p E Community Intersex Experiences

Community members share their experience of being intersex

2:30p A Legal/activism Name and Gender Changes

Get help with your paperwork.

B.J. Fadem, Esq.
2:30p B Medical All Surgical Aspects for MTFs and FTMs

Brownstein & Crane services

Dr. Thomas Satterwhite
2:30p C Community Friends & Lovers

Community discussion on being friends and partners of trans people. Yes, all of the questions are allowed.

2:30p D Youth Youthspace: Non-binary Identities

Non-binary gender identities, including community members and their family members

Cassie Blume, Community
2:30p E Medical Mental Health First Aid for the Trans and LGBTQ Community

Workshop on mental health, supporting folks in crisis, and some of the education opportunities available to better support our Trans and LGBTQ community

Anthony Montalvo
3:45p A Medical Lower Surgery Experiences

Men and women with trans history share their experiences going through lower surgeries.

3:45p B Legal/activism Civic Engagement and Activism

Get involved with advocating for trans people!

Kathleen McConnel, SJSU
3:45p C Youth Supporting Trans Youth

Kaiser therapist gives advice on how to support trans/questioning youth.


Lisa Arieta Hayes Ed.D., L.C.S.W.
3:45p D  Community  Trans in Kink Spaces 

Are you trans and kinky but not sure how to navigate kinky spaces or groups? Join us for a discussion of how to navigate and enjoy kinky spaces while being trans.

3:45p E