Join the trans photography project!

(Guest post by photographer Richard Mann)
Hello, members or visitors to the SJ TDoV event:

For the past couple of years, I have been embarking on a labor-of-love project of photographing portraits of transgender people on an old-school 4×5 large-format film camera. In 2017, 10 of my large prints were exhibited at the SJ Billy DeFrank Center on the outside wall as part of the TDoV event. This year we plan to display a similar setup.

I need your help: most importantly, I need people willing to spend 15 mins in front of the camera. The process takes a bit longer than just “point and shoot”, but the results are very satisfying. To protect your privacy, I will not use anyone’s real name unless they give me such permission. I understand that I am asking you to take certain risks by participating in the project (namely, visibility), but I hope that you will take this step.

You can view the project on my website, and you can also see my work on Instagram or Facebook, under the name “richardmanphoto”.

Second, I am hoping to send prints out to different PRIDE festivals in the country to promote the project. So, if you have any contact info, from San Jose and/or San Francisco to PRIDE organizations in other places, please let me know.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute to my purchases of film and other costs associated with this project, you can always paypal money to (and you can email me at), ANY amount is appreciated, even $1 helps.

Thank You.

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