What if I’m not exactly trans?

M F Neither checkboxThe South Bay Trans Day of Visibility is for all birth gender non-conforming people (how’s that for a confusing in itself; babies likely don’t have a gender concept). The idea is, if you’ve been labeled a particular gender, and don’t feel that label quite fits, TDOV is celebrating you!

How can you tell? Check out the workshops. We have workshop topics of Intersex, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-binary. Take this opportunity to listen to and talk with people who’ve had experiences like yours. As it happens, we have intersex people on the event committee as well. The show is going to be rich in gender fluid action.

All of us, transsexual, non-binary, and everywhere else, are living rich lives, and have a shared history. It’s a happy thing to see each other. Wear your favorite clothes, share your pronoun, have a snack with new friends. Welcome!

Of course, TDOV also welcomes our friends, lovers, family, and community members who are eager to learn more so they can be great allies.

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