We’re very grateful to all of our guests for sharing their experiences, knowledge, and insights with us.

In addition to many local community members, our roster includes:


Guest Bio/Links to Workshops
Jean Adams, Toby Adams Jean is Volunteer Coordinator,Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project. Toby Adams Esq. And members of Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project will present on current and upcoming advances in nonbinary and intersex legal rights across the country.
B.J. Fadem  Attorney; Changes in the Law and name.gender change,  Intersex & Nonbinary Round Table , Bottom Surgery
Sarah Clark   Overcoming Internal Transphobia workshop
Aejaie Franciscus Proprietor of Carla’s Social Club; Being a Trans Youth, with local youth
James Gonzales  BAYMEC
Sarah Clark  Community; high tech and spirituality. Overcoming Internalized Transphobia.
Leigh Ann Hildebrand  Community.Gender-affirming Clothing and Fit.
Melissa Mallory Community. Makeup for FTM and MTF
Azaelea Hollinger Community, Intersex & Nonbinary Round Table
Kellyn A. Lakhardt, LMFT Kellyn Lakhardt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. He completed a BA in Psychology and a MA Degree focused in Social Clinical Psychology. He now works as a gender specialist in the Multi-Specialty Transitions (MST) Department for Kaiser Permanente. He found his passion working as a gender specialist out of a deeply personal, professional and political commitment to improving the healthcare access of the trans community.
Kathleen McConnell Teaches courses on advocacy, civic life, gender studies, and rhetoric at SJSU
Anthony Montalvo
LGBTQ Wellness Program Coordinator, FCS, A Division of Caminar for Mental Health. Mental Health
Donny Mirasou, AKA Jean Bat
Multi title holding and award winning drag king and trans performer, Donny Mirassou has been on the drag and burlesque stages for over 25 years. He has been called the King of American Night Flowers and is one of the only transman in burlesque and one of the top drag kings in the country.
He’s a part of Bad Influences Burlesques, Circus of Sin, House of Nox, The Imperial Star Empire, Dreamscapes, and tons of other troupes. He has performed for anyone from members of the US Congress to NASA scientists. & Nonbinary Round Table, show. 
Joanne Sterpin  Community. Friends & Lovers
Erika Cisneros, Jesslynn Rose Erika Cisneros, one of our Outreach Workers and Jesslynn Rose, one of our amazing volunteers LGBTQ Programs @ The LGBTQ Youth Space

Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley a Division of Caminar; Face to Face

 Dee Shull  Community; local nonbinary person involved with the passage of SB179.
 Fresh! White  Certified Mindfulness, Life & Career Coach, Diversity Trainer; Intersectionality.