Youth Track!

This is going to be a great year for families, parents, youth at the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility: you can create your own full afternoon track of workshops about supporting trans youth. In a community focused discussion, Pparents and kids will share their stories. Professionals will offer guidance from their practice in two different discussions. The San Jose Youthspace, the local queer youth support and hangout space, will represent.

So it you’re young, or in a family with a trans or gender nonconforming youth, take the trip to the DeFrank LGBTQ Center on Saturday, April 1, and take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from people who know what you’re going through.

Donate to help out Planned Parenthood!

Have a cool something you’ve never quite used sitting around the place? Donate it! We are having a silent auction to fund raise for Planned Parenthood Santa Cruz.

This particular Planned Parenthood has been hugely important in the lives of many south bay trans people; they’ve provided basic health care and the first hormone treatments to a number of less financially well off community members.
In these difficult political times, let’s help them out!
Unused – or created by you –  gift certificates make a great donation. So do cool gadgets and tasty goodies, makeup, bathing and shaving essentials. 
Look for the silent auction during the evening show.


Do you know about Outlook Video? It’s a local LGBT TV station. Here’s a video from last year’s (2016) transgender flag raising, which was associated with the South Bay Trans Day of Visibility. The interview with event coordinator Lance Moore starts about ten minutes in.

Look for another video with clips filmed at TDOV last year on the same page!

We have a new website!

Welcome to the new South Bay TDOV website! Please share the link with your friends.

Planning is well under way for this year’s event. We are excited to announce the return of the Genderqueer Society, a bay area collective of queer and transmasculine folks who do joyful drag.

We’re proud to say the recipient of the this year’s Silent Auction fundraising will be the Santa Cruz Planned Parenthood. They have been helping low-income folks with their transition for years now, as well as providing general health and wellness to the community. They need our support right now, and we are happy to give it.

If you have any questions, would liLance with 2016 Commendationke to volunteer, put on a workshop, or perform in the show, send an email to info at

See you in April!


Lance Moore