2019 is Tops!

The clouds cleared, and the sun shone through the clear dome of San Jose City Hall. The South Bay Trans Day of Visibility space was lovely; all the light coming from above and the beautifully hung portraits of trans people adding yet another dimension to the deep space of the rotunda. Flags were strung from the handrails above. It was lovely.

We had to stand by at the door to get a few presenters to stop workshops, as they were going so well! Supervisor Ellenberg wowed everyone, working the welcome table. Councilmember Davis share her dedication to trans issues, showed very well in her sponsorship of the event. The art gallery was wonderful to wander in the mezzanine, and then to look down from!

TDOV 2019
TDOV 2019

The show at Renegades in the evening was sexy good! We had live performances, punk and classic drag, and burlesque. Not to mention a silent auction – all proceeds will go to the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center (South Bay Trans Day of Visibility is a project of the Center).

Big thanks to the committee members for making this decade celebration the biggest South Bay TDOV event yet! And thanks to all the other helpers and participants – it’s a long roster and you all contributed energy and knowledge to bring this off. Thank you. This year took extra behind the scenes work, with City Hall. We all learned a lot. Thanks to those who acted as guides.

And thank you every one who came out, who watched silently, who took your first steps, and who shared your insights during workshops. You made this vibrant community and joyful space.

Lance Moore

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